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Kazakhstan - Shymbulak Ski Resort Hike


Spectacular views of the mountains of Ile-Alatau National Park with a trail all the way to Furmanov Peak.
At the top of the Shymbulak Ski Resort there are some epic summer hikes and fantastic mountain scenery. There are three options for getting to the base of the Ski Resort: shuttle bus, gondola, or walking. From there, the ski resort's cable cars are used to go to the top of the mountain. There are two cable car systems, each going half of the way.

Walking up to the base of the ski resort begins at the Medeu Skating Rink and takes about an hour and involves climbing about a 1000 steps. From the final stop of Bus 12, just start walking up and keep going.

The shuttle bus also starts at the Medeu Skating Rink and goes up to the ski resort and costs 350 tenge each way.

The big gondola cable car starts below Medeu at the next to the last bus stop for Bus 12. The big gondola goes all the way to the base of Shymbulak Ski Resort.

At the top of the mountain, the most popular trail goes straight north up to Chimbulachka Peak and continues on along a ridge to several more peaks, Bashuta, Panorama, and Furmanov Peak. There are also other trails in all directions.

How to get to Medeu

Take Bus 12 going south from the bus stop across the street from the Kazakhstan Hotel, Map Location: 43.244797, 76.956419 . Buses 65, 121 and 131 connect to the Kazakhstan Hotel from the north.

Bus 12 Route

Medeu is the final stop for Bus 12. The big Gondola is the next to the last stop for Bus 12. The bus stops next to the Gondola ticket office.


Bus 12 south from the Kazakhstan Hotel