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Barcelona - Hike from Tibidabo to Sant Medir and Sant Cugat

An excellent hike from the top of Tibidabo with fantastic views of Barcelona, past the historic Ermita de Sant Medir, through the forest to the charming Monastery of Sant Cugat, and then returning by train from Sant Cugat to Barcelona.

There are several ways to get to the top of Tibidabo but none of them are direct or easy. Here is one:

1. Take the Barcelona Metro to Plaza Catalunya.

2. From the Metro line, stay underground and change to the TGC trains, S1 or S2, and take it to the 'Peu del Funicular' stop. The TGC trains are not part of the metro but are underground at Plaza Catalunya. Follow the signs with the TGC symbol not to be confused with the Rodalies R trains (yes, there are three different train systems under Plaza Catalunya). Note that the T10 metro card can be used for the other trains but only when the destination is within Barcelona.

3. At Peu de Funicular get off and change to Vallvidrera Inferior which is the small funicular. You don't have to exit the train station and pay again to take the funicular, just go up the small stairs. Take the funicular to Vallvidrera Superior which is the second and last stop at the top of the funicular.

4. Right outside of Vallvidrera Superior is the bus stop for Bus 111 which goes to the amusement park and church at the top of Tibidabo. Use the bus stop on the side of the road that is going uphill. You have to pay again on the bus. You can use the T10 metro ticket for buses too.

From Tibidabo it's downhill all the way to Sant Medir and then the rest of the way to Sant Cugat is fairly flat. At the Tibidabo Church don't miss the views from the feet of Jesus at the top. For a small fee, you can take an elevator and then walk the rest of the way up to Jesus. There are 360 degree views of the entire area.

In Sant Cugat, the Benedictine Abbey and Monastery is worth a visit.

From Sant Cugat it's a fairly quick train ride back to Barcelona and costs 2.20 euros.

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