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Wednesday, Went Hiking at the Seven Sisters Country Park

Brighton, United Kingdom
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
In a Brighton souvenir shop, a postcard of the Seven Sisters Country Park with the white limestone cliffs along the coast caught my eye so I decided to make a day trip of it. It is a beautiful place with stunning scenery and an excellent place to spend the day

I caught the 08:20 bus right in front of the hotel to the park entrance to go hiking along cliffs near the villages of Burling Gap and East Dean. The park entry has it's own bus stop before East Dean so it was easy to find.

There were well signed hiking trails (referred to locally as walking paths) everywhere in the area. I followed the beach path and then from the beach I made the steep ascent to the cliff top. From there the trail just follows the cliffs which have deep valleys between each one of the seven so there are steep ups and downs the whole way.

It was partly sunny and hazy so the farthest cliffs were muted by the haze. Even with that the scenery was incredible especially the white cliffs contrasted with the blue ocean, green fields, and white sheep. At Burling Gap I had lunch at the cafe next to the visitor center and then walked back to the main road to catch the bus back to Brighton at Friston Pond, one stop beyond were I had started.

The hike back to the main road goes right through the sheep herds so I amused myself by sneaking up on the grazing sheep and grabbing them by the hindquarters. If you get right behind them they can't see you because of their fluffy wool.

In total I walked about 5 miles (8 kms) and it was a glorious day out in the fabulous English countryside.


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