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Wednesday, Skopje, Macedonia to Pristina, Kosovo by Bus

Pristina, Kosovo
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
In the morning, I checked out of the hotel and then took a city bus from the Skopje Old Town to the Central Bus Station. I caught the 11:45 bus for the two hour trip to Pristina.

Crossing the border from North Macedonia to Kosovo was very easy.  The immigration agents came on the bus to do everything.

In Pristina, I had a few coffees at the bus station so I could break a 50€ note.  Then I walked about five blocks to the Bus Station Hostel. Nobody was there so I sent them a WhatsApp, put my bags in an empty room, took the keys which were in the door, then went down the street for lunch. By the time I got back, a guy was there and they gave me the room that I had already taken. It was a spacious, modern room for 12€.

After checking in to the hostel, I walked to the city center and stopped at the attractions along the way. There's not much to see in Pristina but it has a good vibe and lots of cafes and restaurants. I went by the Bill Clinton Statue Monument. They love Clinton because he helped them fight off the Serbians in the civil war in the early 1990s after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Next, I went down Bill Clinton Avenue to the Mother Theresa Church. I saw that there were people at the top of the tower so I went in and went up. It cost 1 euro to take the elevator up about 6 floors to the lookout platform. It had great views of the city and especially the National Library which was in the middle of the park next door.

Next I walked over to the Newborn 3D Sign and then over to Mother Theresa Pedestrian Street to the center of the city. I had a few coffees along the way and watched the world go by.

A few hours is plenty of time to see the sights in Pristina.


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