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Wednesday, Ravenna, Italy to Trento, Italy by Train

Ravenna, Italy
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
We checked out of the Hotel Roma at 10:00 and walked around the corner to the train station. We had a coffee in the coffeeshop to kill time and then caught the 10:45 train to Bologna which took about an hour. We had the entire coach to ourselves all the way to Bologna.

In Bologna, we had 15 minutes to change to the Trento train which was already waiting. The trip to Trento took about three hours and at the end went through the Italian Alps with some nice scenery. We had our own coach most of the way and then the train filled up toward the end.

In Trento we walked about one kilometer to the next hotel, the family-run Casa San Paolo Rooms and arrived at about 16:00. A young guy was there to meet us even though they had already sent the entry code and room number so that we could do self-check-in. The hotel was brand new and had just been open for one week.

In the evening we walked around the beautiful streets of Trento and went to the Piazza Duomo for dinner with views of the Cattedrale di San Vigilio, the Fontana del Nettuno, and the huge bell tower.


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