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Wednesday, Podgorica to Kotor, Montenegro by Bus

Kotor, Montenegro
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
I checked out of Star's Hostel at about 09:30 and walked to the bus station. I bought a ticket on the next bus to Kotor which left in five minutes.

The small bus was about half full and we hauled ass to Kotor in about two hours. I had the cozy back bench seat with ample leg room.

In Kotor the Old Town Hostel was about four blocks from the bus station through the ancient stone streets and buildings. I checked in and went to a pizza place in front of the cathedral for lunch.

After lunch, I hiked up the 1,350 steps to the San Giovanni Fortress. The entry fee was 8 euros and there are many steps to get to the top. There was a cruise ship in port so there were a lot of people from the ship on the trail. The views were spectacular all the way up.

I stayed at the fortress until after dark so I could see the night lights of the Old Town and the entire valley. I had to use my trusty flashlight on the way down so I wouldn't fall down the stairs.


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