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Wednesday, Hiked up to Little Adam's Peak

Ella, Sri Lanka
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
It was still raining in the morning so I had to wait until about 09:00 to leave the hotel.  I walked over to the Little Mount Adam's trail and hiked up to the peak.  There were a lot of tourists doing the same thing.  The trail wasn't very long and there were excellent views from the top.  I came down a different way and walked over to the road to the other side of Nine Arches Bridge. 

There was a little rustic restaurant right on the trail with a great view of the bridge.  A lot of people waited there for a train to come by so we could take pictures of it crossing the scenic bridge.

After that I went the rest of the way down to the bridge, crossed it and walked through the tunnel.  I followed the train tracks back to the Ella Train Station like the hotel guy told me to do.  One more short train came along so I had to hug the edge of the clearing by the tracks as it passed.  

For lunch, I had another delicious and spicy curry.  The curries come with a big pile of rice and little bowls with different types of curries, some hotter than the others.  They usually give me the hiccups and cause a lot of sweat and watering of the eyes.


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