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Wednesday, Harar City Tour and More Hyenas At Night

Harar, Ethiopia
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
We had a nice breakfast at the Rewda Guesthouse in the traditional great room. There was a British father and son and me and we had a lively discussion about Ethiopia. After breakfast and a lot of coffee, I headed out for a day of exploring. I had made a list of all of the attractions of Harar to seek out. On the way to the cattle market, I ran into a hustler who I had already talked to. He wanted to guide me so I agreed. After the cattle market, he showed me where the North hyena site was.

Next we went all over the Old Town to all of the interesting gates and spots. We went to the Gidir Magala meat market where a big flock of kite's (birds) would swoop down and try to steal meat scraps from the people. Some guys were putting meat on their heads for the birds to take.

We also went a little ways out of town for a view of Harar. The other highlights were the Buda Gate (Bedri Bari), the Richard Burton Gate (Erer Gate / Argob Bar), and the picturesque Egyptian Mosque.

After the tour, I went back to the guesthouse as it started pouring rain again. Like clockwork, the electricity went out soon after so I took another long nap.

After dark I went to the north hyena feeding site which is within the city. About ten hyenas were already there and the tourists were feeding them. The hyena man would hold the raw meat next to the tourist's face and the hyenas would nuzzle up against them to get the meat.


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