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Wednesday, From Luang Namtha to Muang Sing by Motorbike

Luang Namtha, Laos
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Rented a motorbike for the day for 50000 kip and took off.  They gave it to me empty so I had to fuel it up immediately.

Headed north out of town and followed the winding mountain road through the Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area for about two hours.  It was cloudy, cool, and misty through the mountains and then the sun came out around 09:00.  There was a little car and truck traffic but mostly just motorbikes.

In the valleys there are some scenic rice paddies and the road follows a small river for awhile.

This trip is mostly done for the journey and not the destination.  Muang Sing isn't anything special and I didn't see any tourist stuff.

There is one tourist attraction, Pha Yeung Waterfall, about 10 km before Muang Sing.  It's not too exciting but it's a nice 1 km or so walk through the jungle. Beware of leeches. In the evening I found two leech holes and my lower leg was a bloody mess.

On the way back to Luang Namtha I had a flat tire on the motorbike. I flagged down a local and he used sign language to tell me to ride it slowly back to the last village, Nammat-Kao. I didn't want to destroy the tire but I rode it very slowly about a kilometer back to the village and found the repair shop.

At the shop an old guy was looking at it and then a group of kids came in and started taking it apart. The flat was on the back tire so it was much more complicated since they had take off the chain and brakes and all of that stuff.

It took about an hour for the repair and then I was on my way. The tire was good but something was rubbing on the back wheel but it ran okay and I made it the 25 km back to Luang Namtha.


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