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Wednesday, Edinburgh to Inverness by Bus

Edinburgh, Scotland
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
I checked out of the Old Waverley Hotel at 11:00 and then killed an hour at Costa coffee shop before catching the 12:40 bus to Inverness. The main bus station was only two blocks away and easy to find.

Everything was going smoothly on the bus until there was a five car pile-up on the motorway in front of us. The accident closed the motorway and we had to sit there for about three hours waiting for the emergency workers to clear the highway. All of the cars around us turned around and went back the other way but the bus was too big to turn around so we had to wait. Luckily there was a bathroom on the bus.

We finally got to Inverness at about 19:00. I had a kebab for dinner at a curry place and then walked to the hotel which was on the other side of the canal but close to the city center. The city lights along the canal were very scenic and a full moon was out to complement the scene.

I arrived to check in at the Strathblane House but the owner sent me a few houses down to another guesthouse of his, Sandy's B&B. I was upgraded from a single to a triple room so it worked out nicely.


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