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Wednesday, Delhi to Agra and Taj Majal Tour

Agra, India
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
The driver picked me up at 07:30 and we headed off to Agra. He made a few stops to mess around along the way and we get there at about 11:30. I checked in to the hotel and then he picked me up at 15:00 to go to the Taj Mahal. The tour included a guide so he was with us.

At the Taj Mahal the guide tried to get me to pay for my ticket which was already included in the tour. He bought my ticket but I got rid of him and enjoyed the Taj on my own without anymore aggravation. I spent about three hours there. Lots of Indians wanted to take pictures with me so I did a lot of that. It's always the guys who want pictures never the ladies unfortunately.

The Taj was superb and as good as expected. One side is bordered by the Yamuna River. At the river bank there were monkeys and stray dogs running around and causing general mischief. There were also green parrots with long tails all over the place.

After dark I went back to the hotel and hopped in to the rooftop pool for awhile.


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