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Wednesday, Bruges to Brussels by Bus

Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
I checked out of the Hotel Graaf Van Vlaanderen at 11:00 and walked along the canal back to the bus station to catch the Flixbus that I had reserved to Brussels at 12:00. The "bus station" is just a parking lot next to the canal with some public restrooms.

Two Flixbuses came at exactly the same time so everyone was confused as to which was which. The bus to Brussels was only about half full so I had plenty of space. The two hour trip went by quickly and I snoozed a little bit.

When we arrived the bus stopped at the Brussels North bus station. The station isn't far from the city center so I walked the 1.5 kms to the hotel which is one block from the spectacular Grand Place. I checked into the Madeleine Budget Room Grand Palace hotel and went out for lunch. It's a budget hotel with basic rooms but it has an excellent location right in the center of Brussels.

In the afternoon, I had a Belgian waffle and sampled some chocolates and truffles which were delicious. Belgium is also famous for its beer but this is the year that I stopped drinking. It rained off and on so I had a few coffees in random places to escape the rain.


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