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Wednesday, All Day Exploring the Pagodas at Bagan Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Got up at 05:00 for the sunset. Went across the street to the electric motorbike place that I had arranged a rental with. No one was there so I went back to the hotel and rented one for slightly more money. I couldn't figure out how to turn on the lights on the motorbike so I used my heavy duty flashlight for headlights.

I went to a small pagoda (Map Location: 21.145138, 94.882221 ) with roof access next to the huge Dhammayazaka Pagoda. There were already a few people on the roof and a local guy had lit up the inside of the pagoda with candles. I climbed up to a high spot and stayed there until it got pretty light. Most of the people were on a bigger pagoda down the road about 100 meters (Map Location: 21.145909, 94.883118 ) so I went over there and got the best photos.

After the sun came up a little, the hot air balloons took off and passed right over us for fantastic photo ops. It was quite a sight. Later that day I checked into the balloon rental and they charge a little over 300 USD for the entire balloon so you have to put your own group together. They were all booked up for about a week so you have to book in advance.

I spent the rest of the day exploring all of the best pagodas on my motorbike. It was very fun having the scooter. I went to see the sunset at the Lawka Nanda Pagoda Stupa which has a nice view of the river. The sunset wasn't very interesting though.


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