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Wednesday, All Day Exploring Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
In the morning, we walked from the hotel down to the River Arno for views of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge and Ponte alle Grazie. Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone bridge with shops built on it. The bridge has been swept away and rebuilt in the 1300's.

From the river we walked to the spectacular Piazza della Signoria where the fortified 13th century Palazzo Vecchio is located. The piazza has Neptune's Fountain, the Loggia dei Lanzi which is a covered area full of sculptures, the statue of Hercules and Cacus, and the replica of the Statue of David.

From the Piazza della Signoria we walked through the narrow streets to the main attraction of Florence, the striking Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with it's red dome, the Cupola di Brunelleschi, and the massive bell tower, Campanile di Giotto.

In the evening when the crowds had thinned out, we went inside the Palazzo Vecchio where the ground floor was free to enter and beautifully decorated. The Piazza della Signoria was also much more enjoyable with fewer people around and we were able to go inside the Loggia dei Lanzi.

A popular things to do is watch the sunset from the Ponte alle Grazie. The tourists sit on the edge of the bridge and watch the sun set over the River Arno.


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