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Tuesday, Simien Mountains National Park, Ras Bwahit Summit Trek

Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
This was our last day on the tour. We got up early for breakfast and then hiked from the camp to the summit of Ras Bwahit. It was rocky terrain but not too steep. We had to go slow again because of the thin air. We followed the road most of the way and cut the corners at the switchbacks.

I got to experience my first trail deuce in Ethiopia. Luckily, there were no groups behind us so I just hung back and then went behind some rocks to take care of business baboon-style.

The last part of trek was the steepest and we were sucking air. It rained off an on so we were a little wet. We made it to the summit of Ras Bwahit where there was a big pile of rocks. It was clouded over so there was nothing to see.

The altitude at the summit was an impressive 4443 meters / 14577 feet. That is 50 meters higher than Mount Rainier the highest mountain in the state of Washington near where I live in Seattle, USA. It was cold and rainy at the summit so we didn't stay long.

On the hike back down to the road, we ran into a large group of baboons and Walia Ibex that were traveling together. We got to walk right up to them and take lots of photos. There were other tourists stopping on the road to watch them as well.

We hiked the rest of the way back down to the Chennek camp for lunch. It was an easy hike, downhill all the way. Our ride back to Gondar was late because of the muddy roads. In front of the camp a bus had slid off of the road and some trucks were stuck. All of the people from the bus and trucks were crowded around our lodge to get out of the rain.

Our jeep finally arrived and we had to walk down the road a ways to meet it because of the blocked road. On the way out of the national park, we had to get out at two steep parts and walk so the jeep could climb the mountain. The driver fishtailed all the way up the hill and it took him a few attempts to make it over the high part.

It took us five or six hours to get back to Gondar. There were two check-points along the road and they looked us over. We arrived after dark and the driver dropped us off at our hotels. I stayed at the Haile Resort Gondar again.


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