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Tuesday, Nyaung Shwe to Bagan Bus

Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Left the beautiful Inle Lake area and took the bus to Bagan. The bus left at 8:30 and arrived around 15:30. It was the normal routine, a 10 minute bathroom stop and a 30 minute lunch stop. I had a timid Burmese lady sitting next to me.

In Bagan we had the normal confusion and arguing with the taxi drivers. There was a big sign that gave the price but they wanted more. I shared a taxi with two haggard, chain-smoking French ladies and we paid 4000 kyat apiece.

It was too late to do anything by the time I got checked in to the hotel. I went around the corner to a local place for dinner and ate a lot of unidentifiable vegetables and dried fish curry. I made arrangements with an electric bike guy for sunrise the next day. He told me where the best view point was on top of a pagoda. Only a few pagodas are open for roof access in the mornings. A lot of them have been closed due to damage by the tourists.


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