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Tuesday, Mostar, Bosnia to Dubrovnik, Croatia by Bus

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
The bus from Mostar to Dubrovnik left at 10:15 and arrived at 13:30. It was a big bus and there were only about 10 people on it. We had to cross the border three times because of the route along the coast: Bosnia to Croatia, Croatia to Bosnia, and Bosnia to Croatia. All crossings were fast with no line and they barely looked at us on the last one.

We stopped for lunch about an hour from Dubrovnik. I had a ham sandwich that turned on me right before we got to Dubrovnik. I barely made it to the bathroom in the bus station. I didn't have any kuna yet so I gave the bathroom guy a euro and jumped the turnstile.

After the bathroom panic, I casually walked the 1.7 kms to the hostel, Irene Rooms, which was easy to find. Half of Dubrovnik is built on the mountainside so there are steps everywhere to connect the road that zigzags up the mountain. If I lived here, I would be in fantastic physical shape from just walking around.

I checked in to Irene Rooms with the nice old guy who was running it. He lives on one side and the guest rooms are at the back. There is a shared kitchen, shared balcony, and shared bathrooms.

After dropping my stuff off, I walked down the hill to the amazing Old Town which is surrounded by huge walls. Everything is made of stone and it is very impressive. The Old Town is much bigger than those in Budva and Kotor, Montenegro.

I tried to walk around the outside of the walls next to the ocean but the wind was whipping up big waves and spraying the walkway. I wandered around the Old City until dark and then headed back up the hill to the hostel. It gets dark at 4:30 pm now so it seems really late when it's not. My first impression of Dubrovnik is that it is fantastic.


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