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Tuesday, Marseille, France to Florence, Italy by Bus and Train

Marseille, France
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
In the morning we checked out of the studio apartment in La Panier and walked the one kilometer to the Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles Train and Bus Station. We caught our 09:30 Flixbus and took the seven hour trip to Genova, Italy. There was a passport check right after we crossed into Italy which took about 30 minutes. The mountain and ocean scenery between Nice and Genova was fantastic as we followed the coastline most of the way.

In Genova, we took a train the rest of the way to Florence which took about three more hours. Luckily the bus station was right across the street from the Principe Train Station. We had about an hour wait for the train.

We got to Florence at about 21:30 and then walked the five blocks to the Hotel d'Azeglio Firenze that we had reserved along the way. The hotel lady was waiting for us since we had the last room.


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