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Tuesday, Kashgar to Urumqi Flight

Urumqi, China
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Flew back to Urumqi from Kashgar. The afternoon flight went over the vast desert and some spectacular snow-capped mountains.

There was a huge line for taxis at the airport. Finally got one and the guy didn't know how to read a map so he called the hotel for directions. The hotel lady said that the hotel was closed so I was out of luck even though I had a guaranteed reservation on A flight attendant was walking by so the taxi driver asked her to translate for him and she helped us for about 15 minutes.

I asked him to take me back to the Jinjiang Inn that I had stayed at last week since that was the only one I had directions to. It was a lot farther and it took forever to get there. They did have a room though so I was in luck.

I reported the hotel problem to and they gave me a $25 refund so everything worked out okay.


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