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Tuesday, Hiked from Nagarkot to Naya Basti

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
We got up at 05:00 and walked 4 km  over to the view tower to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas and maybe catch a glimpse of Mount Everest.  I finally got to use my powerful travel flashlight as we walked in the dark.  The guide was using his phone light.  It was too cloudy to see Everest but the sunrise was impressive.

We walked back to the hotel for breakfast then packed up and hit the trail for Naya Basti by following the signs to Dhulikhel.  At the trail-head we had to pay a usage fee of 339 NR.

The trail was actually another small road but there was very little traffic.  Looking back there were incredible views of the big mountains above Nagarkot.

The hike was downhill all the way and the valley was covered with colorful terraces.  The farmers were planting at the top and harvesting at the bottom.  The whole area was very scenic.  The harvesters were using a mechanical device to separate the grain.  They pumped it with one leg and it did the job.  It looked like something from the past.

We made it down to the main road in the early afternoon and caught the packed bus to Kathmandu at Map Location: 27.631180, 85.518656 .  It slowly went to the Ratna Park Bus Station where we started the trip (Map Location: 27.705582, 85.314532 ).

I went to the Trekkers Home hotel to pick up my other bag and then went to a slightly better hotel that had the same owner, Hotel Yambu, and supposedly has better WiFi and hot water.


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