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Tuesday, Flew from Delhi to Colombo, Sri Lanka

New Delhi, India
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Took an Uber from the airport hotel to Terminal 3 for 220 INR. Security was tight and would have really been backed up if there were more people. There was even a final security check on the tarmac as as we got on the plane.

The flight was delayed about an hour. It was a smooth 3.5 hour trip to Colombo. Had an empty seat next to me which is such a luxury and almost never happens these days.

In Colombo, they didn't even ask for my e-visa that cost me 35 USD online. Maybe it was linked to my passport on their computer. Once I got to the immigration counter, it only took about 90 seconds to get a stamp and move on through.

I took the City Express bus to the Central Bus Station in Colombo, Map Location: 6.935068, 79.854528 , for only 150 LKR (less than 1 USD). Then took a TukTuk the rest of the way to the hotel in the Fort area of Colombo for 300 LKR.

The TukTuk driver played the game where he said he didn't have change for a 500 LKR note. I went into the hotel without paying him and he finally admitted that he had change so I paid him and he went on his way. This is why I no longer get them a big note unless they show me the change first.

It was already dark when I got to the hotel. After checking in, I took a long walk along the main road which is lined with markets. I bought a little souvenir and looked for a Sri Lanka SIM card.


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