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Tuesday, Flew from Almaty to Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Had breakfast at the hotel and then checked out. Took the cheapest Uber ever to the airport, about 3 USD. It took about 30 minutes to get there. It is a little airport and there were no lines so I breezed right through everything.

The flight on Air Almaty was only about one-third full so almost everyone had there own aisle which was glorious. It was the first time in decades that I was able to lay down on a flight. It was smooth all the way and there was some spectacular scenery of the mountains and desert.

The airport in Dubai is very close to the city so I took a taxi to the hotel after changing some money. Hotel Moscow was only about 10 minutes from the airport. It was nice being able to speak English with the taxi driver after three months of Chinese and Russian.

Checked in to the hotel and headed out to see the Burj Khalifa. The desert heat was intense and oppressive. I bought a metro card at the Al Rigga metro station and went to the Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa stop. The subway was fast and not to crowded in the late afternoon. The Burj was incredible and I was only asked to leave once when I got too close to the entrance to the private residences.

After dark, I went to the Dubai Mall and looked around. There were many souvenir shops so I bought some small stuff. There is an enclosed, air-conditioned walkway with moving sidewalks from the mall to the subway station that is about 800 meters long (8 blocks).

On the way back to the hotel the metro was packed since it was rush hour. In noticed that most of the store and hotel workers in Dubai are Filipinos. There are also many Indians, Afghani's, and Pakistanis here to do all of the work. There is also construction everywhere.


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