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Tuesday, Exploring the Luang Namtha Laos Countryside by Bike

Luang Namtha, Laos
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Took a free one-speed cruiser bike from the Amandra Villa hotel and headed off for a long ride in the countryside around Luang Namtha. It was overcast, cool and a little drizzly when I started before 08:00. As usual by around midday the sun was out and blazing hot.

Here's the 26 mile / 42 km trail on Wikiloc

First I went north-east to the Nam Dee Waterfall. The waterfall was pretty lackluster probably since it's not monsoon season. The road beyond the waterfall however had spectacular mountain scenery even though the rice had just been harvested so the paddies weren't lush and green. I took the lower road and not the trail that goes almost straight up the hill. The upper trail goes to a village 5 kms away. The lower road was very mountainous and I had to walk the bike up and down the steepest parts since the bike had weak brakes. There was one small creek crossing where I would have gotten my feet wet if I hadn't had the bike to plow through the water.

After that I continued the loop that parallels the main road for a ways and then joins it for awhile and then splits off again. The section that takes a little trail through the rice paddies to the east of the town is the roughest part. Besides the trail beyond the waterfall it's mostly flat.

All along the way there were little villages with friendly kids all over the place yelling hello and stray dogs and farm animals everywhere, chickens, ducks, goats, cows, water buffalo, etc. There were also little stores and restaurants for water and snacks.

Later in the afternoon in town an old lady from one of the hill tribes cornered me and tried to sell me some illicit drugs. First she pulled out a bag of weed then some little brown packets out of her bra that were probably heroin.


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