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Tuesday, Exploring Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Woke up at about 06:00 to a great view of the mountains over Almaty. I saw that the bakery kebab place across the street was open so I went over there for coffee since the hotel breakfast wasn't until 08:00.

After that had a good breakfast at the hotel with a lot of protein for a change.

After breakfast I walked way over to the immigration police office to register. I got copies of my passport and immigration stamps on the way. The police said that I didn't need to do anything since I they had given me all the stamps at the border.

Took a nice long walk around Almaty and had lunch at Macs on the way back to the hotel. Almaty is very modern and feels like a European city. The people speak enough English for basic communication.


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