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Tuesday, Day Trip from Shymkent to Turkestan

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Took the bus way up north to the Bus Terminal and caught the marshrutka for Turkestan. Had to wait about an hour for it to fill up. We finally left and made the almost two hour drive to Turkestan. There were wild camels out in the countryside. They were one-humpers instead of the usual two-humpers.

In Turkestan, the major attraction is the Yasawi Mausoleum complex. It's right in the center of Turkestan so I was able to get off of the minibus and walk over to it. It was okay but after seeing the stuff in Uzbekistan this was pretty limited.

There was also a big mosque in the area so I walked over to it and took some photos. I ran into some baby camels out in the scrub. They were tied up and grazing.

After spending about an hour looking around, I stopped into the tourist center and asked them where I could catch the marshrutka back to Shymkent. They told me which local bus to take to the bus station. I got there and only had to wait about 15 minutes to leave but I had to sit in the back with two fat guys. So it was about four hours in the minibus to spend about an hour in Turkestan.


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