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Tuesday, Day Trip from Ravenna, Italy to San Marino

San Marino, San Marino
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
In the morning, we caught the regional train from Ravenna to Rimini which took about an hour. In Rimini the bus to San Marino leaves right outside of the train station. There is a tourist information office at the train station exit where the bus tickets are sold for about 5 euros each way.

The bus stop is across the street and down about half a block. There are long lines for the bus which quickly turn into chaos when the bus arrives and everybody surges forward and fights to get in the door. There was more than one bus so everyone was able to get a seat. Passengers are not allowed to stand.

San Marino is on a mountain that rises above the Italian countryside. From a distance you can see the city at the top of the mountain topped off by the three towers. The bus ride from Rimini took less than an hour and in San Marino the bus station is close to the old town at the top of the mountain.

From the bus stop we casually walked through the old town and up to the towers and enjoyed the fantastic views along the way of the Italian countryside. There are many souvenir stores, cafes, and restaurants along the way. We had a delicious pizza and ravioli for lunch.

The road eventually leads up to the first, oldest, and biggest tower, the Guaita, and then ends at the second tower, the Cesta. From each tower, the views of the other towers are excellent. The last tower, the Montale, can be reached by following the path through the woods.


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