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Tuesday, Craigmiller Castle and Rosslyn Chapel

Edinburgh, Scotland
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
I left the hotel a little late at 10:00 and bought a few postcards in the gift shop next door just to get exact change for the bus. I took Lothian bus 30 from Princes Street in New Town directly to the village of Craigmiller which is about five kilometers away. The Lothian buses cost £1.70 each way or you can buy a day pass for just a little more than one round trip at £4. From the bus stop it was about a 15 minute walk to the castle.

The entry fee was £6. The castle had large drafty rooms and the typical circular staircase up the tower to the roof. It was also possible to walk around in the fields around the castle to take nice exterior photos.

After touring the castle, Google Maps led me out in the other direction to the main road near a huge hospital to catch the first of two buses to the village of Rosslyn to see the famous Rosslyn Chapel. At the intersection where I was changing buses there was a big mall so I went inside to have lunch and a coffee.

After lunch I caught the bus to Rosslyn which was about a 30 minute trip with lots of stops. The all day bus pass worked all the way to Rosslyn and back. The Rosslyn Chapel entry fee was £6. It was also interesting but photos were not allowed inside and there were ladies in there keeping a close eye on everyone. The interior was lavishly decorated and would have made very nice photos.

This poem is inscribed on the memorial to Francis Robert St Clair-Erskine, the fourth Earl of Rosslyn (1833-1890), in the courtyard of the Rosslyn Chapel:

Safe safe at last from doubt from storm from strife

Moored in the depths of Christ's unfathomed grave

With spirits of just, with dear ones lost and found again, this strange ineffable life

Is life eternal, Death has here no place

And they are welcomed best who suffered most.


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