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Tuesday, Back to the Echo Sands Site to Climb the Sand Mountains

Dunhuang, China
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Left pretty early and got to the Echo Sands Crescent Moon Lake site at about 8:00 am. Reused my ticket since they are good for 3 days. Climbed up the biggest hill using the cable ladder that was in the sand. It took awhile since there was a long line of people going up and when one would stop the whole line would stop.

At the top the views were spectacular especially of the Crescent Moon Lake. I walked way off along the top of a big dune and had some alone time for awhile. The camels were already going in full force too with thousands of them making their circle with the tourists.

Getting down was easy since it just required big soft stops sliding steps all the way to the bottom of the mountain.

After that headed back to Dunhuang and got off of the bus when I saw a China Unicom since I needed to recharge my phone. They weren't able to do it because there was something wrong with my account. I sat there for a long time while they tried to do it. A girl standing in line behind me translated for me. No luck with that.

Went to KFC for a big coffee and an early lunch and then went to find the bus to the train station. I never found it but finally figured out later that they were the same buses that go to Mogao Grottoes. Later on in the evening I took one of them to the train station to pick up tickets so I wouldn't have to wait in line the next day.

Had dinner for the third night in a row at my favorite meat pocket place in the night market. I bought two meat pockets and ate one at the bus stop waiting for the number 4 bus to the hotel. Bus 4 goes about half way to the hotel. Also picked up some road food for the next day since I have two trains, Dunhuang to Yumen (3 hours) on the slow train and then Yumen to Urumqi (6 hours) on the fast train.


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