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Tuesday, All Day Trip to the Terracotta Warriors Site from Xi'an

Xi'an, China
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Left the hostel at about 7 am and took the subway to the Xi'an Train Station just outside of the city wall on the north side. It's the regular train station not the Xi'an North bullet train station.

The train station area is huge so I had to ask a few times to find the buses. It was the typical chaos but I got right onto a bus. The buses run continuously and cost 7 or 8 CNY each way.

The bus made one other stop at some hot springs and then the Terracotta Warrior site was the last stop.

It was a huge complex with lots of parking lots, buses, and people. As usual it wasn't clear where the return bus would leave from so I tried to memorize some landmarks.

The first building was just a bunch of dirt with a few broken pieces of soldiers and horses.

The second building was more of a museum but there were so many people grouped around each display that I didn't stay very long.

I left Pit 1 for last since it is the most excavated and photogenic. It was a mob scene and hard to get to the front row to be able to see anything. It also has low light so I didn't take any clear zoom photos.

Found a bus back to Xi'an but I'm not sure if it was the tourist bus or a fake one. Got back to the railway station and just walked all the way home.

I stopped at McD's on the way and had my first Western style meal in about a week.


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