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Tuesday, All Day in Harar, Ethiopia

Harar, Ethiopia
Tuesday, October 8, 2019
After a rough night trying to avoid mosquitos in the Sumeya Hotel, I went out for coffee at about 07:00. The Sumeya Hotel had turned off the generator so there was no electricity once again.

After the coffee, I took a nice walk around the old town which was buzzing with activity as usual. Harar has a big drug problem with "chat" leaves. There are a lot of drug addicts laid out on the sidewalks all over the place.

I went to the hotel next door to see if they had a room but they said no. I'm not sure that they understood that I wanted a room for that night and not one immediately. It seems like they were saying no just to get rid of me because they didn't understand what I was saying.

I still had a reservation at Rewda Guesthouse so I checked out of the Sumeya and walked over there. They were a little mad at me for not staying last night but they had a real private room ready for me this time.

I looked around Harar until about 14:00 when it started pouring rain. I was close to the guesthouse so I went back and slept for a few hour while it rained. The power went out for the rest of the day so it was good sleeping time.

At 18:30 the guesthouse guide came over and he took me to the hyena feeding on the east side of town. There is one hyena site on the east side and one on the north side. I'll try the north side site tomorrow.

The hyenas were fun and a little timid. There were about ten at the most. An agressive female showed up a little later and she wasn't timid at all. She would stand right next to the tourists and take the meat from them.


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