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Tuesday, All Day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tuesday, September 24, 2019
After coffee and breakfast at the hotel, I took a taxi to the Merkato area for 100 birr (3.40 USD). It's already a big hassle negotiating with the taxi drivers after only using Uber in Nairobi which was a delight.

The Merkato is a huge area packed with people and a constant stream of deliverymen with huge stacks of boxes on their heads and shoulders. It was hard to find the interesting parts such as the colorful basket vendors, the spice vendors, and of course, the souvenir area. In the souvenir area, a guy latched on to me and I gave him 60 BIR to show me around the market. He took me to places that I had mostly already found on my own by wandering around.

The Merkato was a hectic area and it really got crowded in the afternoon. The best time to visit is in the morning when it is easier to walk around.

Next I negotiated a taxi to the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the tomb of Haile Selassie. I bought a ticket to enter and found out that they only open the church when someone gets a ticket. The priest opened it for me and turned on a few lights but it was still extremely dark inside and I couldn't really see anything so it was a bust. When we were inside, it started pouring rain so I didn't even get to take good photos of the exterior.

At the church, a guy latched on to me and gave me the entire history of religion in Ethiopia. He guided me to a nearby restaurant and assured me that the food was okay for tourists.

After eating another typical injera meal with my hands and having an Ethiopian coffee, I walked the one km back to the Denver Boutique Hotel.


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