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Wednesday, Took a Marshrutka from Shymkent to Taraz

Shymkent, Kazakhstan
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Headed back to the same bus station as yesterday so it was easy since I knew all the buses. It wasn't very crowded so me and my backpacks didn't cause too much of a problem.

The marshrutka to Taraz was almost full when I got there. We just had to wait about 10 minutes for the final two people and then we took off for the easy, two hour trip.

In Taraz, I had booked a hotel that was just a block away from the bus station so it was easy to find. I had a very expensive steak lunch at the restaurant next to the hotel but it was delicious.

In the evening, went to the train station and bought a ticket to Almaty for the next day at 09:40. Then took a long walk around Taraz. Had dinner at a coffee shop that was full of mother's and kids. I think it was a "mommy and me" coffee shop so not sure if I was supposed to be there or not. They gave me black plastic gloves to eat my hamburger. I also saw that strange custom in Kyrgyzstan.


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