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Thursday, Went up Mandalay Hill and Sandar Muni Pagoda

Mandalay, Myanmar
Thursday, November 15, 2018
After the all Asian breakfast at the hotel, I hopped into the back of a truck bus (benches in the back of a truck) to get closer to the center where I could get a motorcycle taxi. Took the motorcycle the bottom of Mandalay Hill.

They don't allow shoes on the climb up the thousands of stairs so I left mine there and went up in my socks. There were different buddhas along the way and a lot of small shops and restaurants. At the top they made me take my socks off too.

There were some nice views at the top but a lot of the views were obstructed by trees. It's also possible to go to the top by tuk-tuk and an elevator and most of the people did it that way.

I walked back down and got my shoes. There was a tuk-tuk driver at the bottom who sold me on an afternoon trip to the surrounding sites. I made plans for him to pick me up at noon but he never showed up so I didn't get to go.

In the afternoon I went to the Sandar Muni Pagoda which has the thousands of white stupas each covering a page of Buddha's teachings engraved in granite. All of the granite pages create a huge book.


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