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Thursday, Trier to Moselkern Germany by Train and Burg Eltz Castle

Trier, Germany
Thursday, May 9, 2019
It was another rainy day in Trier, Germany. I had to put my rain gear on and put a trash bag over my rolly suitcase to walk to the train station. The train trip to Moselkern took about an hour. Moselkern was completely dead and the hotel looked deserted but they answered the door and let me check in early.

If left my luggage and immediately headed out to explore the area and go to the Burg Eltz castle which was about four kilometers away. It was an excellent hike even though it was a little rainy. Everything was lush and green. I took some nice photos of the castle even though it was dark and cloudy.

There were quite a few people at the castle and luckily there was a restaurant since there was nowhere to eat in Moselkern. I doubled up on lunch and had two huge wursts (sausages) on bread rolls which were delicious.

From the castle I took a different route back to Moselkern and went by another viewpoint of the castle from a different angle. On the way back I went through big fields of wheat and the yellow flowers that are everywhere and then into the vineyards above the scenic little village of Müden. The view from the vineyards was spectacular with the village in the valley, boats on the Mosel River, and trains coming and going. I spent a lot of time walking along the paths through the vineyards.


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