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Thursday, Toulouse to Carcassonne, France by Train

Toulouse, France
Thursday, May 30, 2019
In the morning, we checked out of the Hotel Ours Blanc (White Bear) and walked about a kilometer to the train station. We bought tickets to Carcassonne and had coffee while waiting for the 11:15 train. The platform was packed and it was a scramble to get on the train and get the few seats. Most of the people had to stand. I offered my seat to a few old people but none of them would take it. Then an old lady came along and got all of the young people to give up their seats to the old people.

The train made a lot of stops and we got to Carcassonne in about an hour. There were so many bicycles on the train that one side was completely blocked so we had to exit on the other side where there was a big bottleneck. We finally got out of the packed train and walked a few blocks to the Hotel Central. Check in time wasn't until 14:00 so we left our rolly suitcases and walked to the Old Town.

The Old Town is surrounded by castle walls and looks spectacular from outside. Inside it was very touristy and packed with people. We had an expensive pizza for lunch and walked around the Old Town for awhile with the throngs of people. After looking around for awhile we crossed the old stone medieval bridge (Pont Vieux) and walked back to the hotel and checked in.


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