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Thursday, Took the train from Taraz to Almaty

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Thursday, September 27, 2018
Went down for breakfast at the hotel at 08:00 but everything was dark and the receptionist was asleep on the couch. I checked out and caught a taxi in front of the hotel and it turned out to be the same guy from yesterday who took me to the train station.

I had a coffee from a snack kiosk at the train station. The water they were using from a big jug didn't look very sanitary but I really needed the coffee. A strange guy latched onto me to practice English so he followed me around for awhile.

The train platform was busy and I couldn't tell which train was going to Almaty. There were two tracks and to get to the train on the second track you had to climb through the train on the first track. So when a train arrived on the second track everybody had to crawl through another train with all of their luggage.

The other trains finally cleared out and the Almaty train arrived. It turned out to be a triple-deck sleeper and luckily I had a lower berth and there was nobody above me and only one other guy right across from me.

The scenery on the nine hour trip to Almaty was pasture with mountains in the distance and never changed. There were goat herds, horses, and a few camels but not much else to look at.

In Almaty, it was almost dark so I took a taxi to the hotel and had a delicious dinner at Digerman right across the street. It's nice when you already know where everything is.


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