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Thursday, Sunrise over the Pagodas, Night Bus to Yangon

Bagan, Myanmar
Thursday, November 22, 2018
Got up at 05:00 and rented an electric scooter from the hotel again and took off into the darkness. This time at least I knew how to turn on the motorbike lights. I went to a different location (Map Location: 21.150101, 94.861391 ) and there were already a few people there. This location was farther away from the balloons but it had a nice clear view with a zoom lens.

Watched the nice sunset and balloons crossing the horizon and then went back to the hotel for breakfast. I packed and checked out and left my big backpack at the hotel and headed out for the rest of the day on the scooter. I went to all of the popular pagodas and tried to take the back roads as much as possible to avoid the heavy bus and truck traffic. The back roads are usually just little dirt paths and a lot of fun on the motorbike.

I went back to the hotel at 19:00 and the bus company picked me up in a truck. We all sat on some mats in the back of the truck as they picked up the rest of the people and then drove the 15 km or so to the bus station. The overnight bus ride was very comfortable and I slept really well. I had an empty seat next to me so that was a luxury.


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