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Thursday, Pristina to Prizren, Kosovo by Bus

Prizren, Kosovo
Thursday, October 24, 2019
I checked out of the Bus Station Hostel at about 10:45 and walked to the bus station. I got there so fast that I took the 11:00 bus to Prizren instead of the 11:30 bus. Buses to Prizren leave about every 30 minutes and pick up more people along the way. There is no need to buy a ticket in advance since you can pay on the bus to the driver's helper.

The trip took about two hours and ended at the Prizren bus station at Map Location: 42.213097, 20.729111 .

I walked two blocks to the Hotel Denis where I had made a reservation for one night. Check in wasn't until 14:00 but they let me check in early.

After dropping my stuff off at the hotel, I walked to the city center about ten minutes away. I had kebap for lunch at an outdoor cafe along the river.

In the evening, I walked up to a big fort that overlooks the city. Then I realized how good the view was and that I had left my big camera in the hotel. I hustled back down all the way to the hotel and then all the way back up the hill in time to take some nice photos of the sunset.


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