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Thursday, Mountain Biking from Karakol to Issyk Kul Lake

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
Thursday, August 30, 2018
Had a huge breakfast at the hotel at 08:00 and then picked up a mountain bike at the 'Bulak-Say Trekking and Horseback' office, 800 som for the day. They were supposed to open at 09:00 but the guy didn't show up until about 09:30.

The guy showed me a loop to take to Issyk-Kul lake and back. I headed out and tracked my route on GPS map route of the trail

The ride along the lake and through the Kyrgyzstan countryside, farms and small villages was excellent. The area around the lake was very arid but the trail also went near a march and along pastures full of farm animals, such as horses, cows, geese, etc.

I had a sandwich for lunch at a little grocery store in the small village of Kabak. I ate the sandwich on a bench right outside of the door. All of the kids were there and they kept coming out to look at me and talk to me a little. New kids kept appearing from inside the store. There were at least six of them. The mother and oldest daughter could speak a little English and they were really nice.

The last part of the ride was along the highway coming in to Karakol from the west and there was quite a bit of traffic. All along the highways there was a wide shoulder to ride on and sometimes a separate path to the side of the main road.


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