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Thursday, Luang Namtha, Laos to Jinghong, China by Bus

Jinghong, China
Thursday, December 6, 2018
Checked out of the hotel at 07:00 and walked a few blocks down to the tour office where the taxi to the bus station was supposed to pick me up. The bus to Jinghong left a little late at about 08:20. The border crossing was fast and efficient. There were a lot of buses arriving but they processed the people very quickly. There was one extra line to scan luggage on the Chinese side.

We got to Jinghong at about 17:30 China time. We lost one hour due to the time change. The distance is pretty short but the bus made stops at about every village along the way to pick up and drop off people.

In Jinghong I had a terrible time finding the hotel because it's map location on and was wrong. I had to go into another hotel and borrow their WiFi in order to call and send messages to the hotel I had reserved. The guy came to get me and I berated him about the map location and his instructions. He said the hotel was West of Walmart but it was straight North. I sent him the correct map coordinates so he could get his map location fixed.

Once I got to the hotel they gave me tea from a 500 year old tea bush and then gave me some gifts. I think that is normal and wasn't just done because of the hassle finding the place.

After dark, I took a walk around Jinghong which is very nice, clean, and modern. It's small for a Chinese city but it is really bustling and the air seems pretty clean.


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