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Thursday, London to Edinburgh by Train

London, United Kingdom
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Got up at 07:30, packed up and checked out of the hotel. It was raining a little as I walked to the Acton Town underground station. I caught the Piccadilly line train to the Kings Cross railway station. The underground was packed for rush hour and the people weren't particularly fond of my rolly suitcase.

I arrived about an hour early so I had coffee at a Costa on the upper level of the train station. They finally announced the platform for the Edinburgh train and we all headed to it.

There were no lines for boarding but the train was full because the next train to Edinburgh had been canceled. Even with that I had an empty seat next to me for about the final third of the trip.

The scenery was very nice through the English countryside with the green fields and the sheep and then even better as we entered Scotland and went along the coast.

We arrived in Edinburgh at the Waverley Station which is right in the middle of the city and only one block away from where I was staying, the Old Waverley Hotel.

After checking in to the hotel I went for a long walk to check out the city and find some food. Everything closes pretty early in Edinburgh.

My first impression of Edinburgh was that it's not so big but is packed with awe inspiring architecture and historic sites. Also it is packed with tourists even in the chilly low season.


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