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Thursday, International Grand Bazaar Xinjiang in Urumqi

Urumqi, China
Thursday, August 2, 2018
In the morning tried again at a different China Unicom to recharge my SIM card and phone service but again they said something is wrong with the telephone number and they can't recharge it. Meanwhile I was able to download the Google Translator for Chinese so I can use it offline.

In the afternoon walked over to the Xinjiang Grand Bazaar. It's not very big and there was road construction for miles around it so the whole area was a disaster. I think the construction is for the new Urumqi subway system which is supposed to launch in 2019.

At the bazaar they had a Uyghur dance show and afterwards there were some Uyghur musicians sitting on a big bed and playing their typical instruments, very nice.

Inside the bazaar there is a huge Carrefour which was our favorite grocery store in Barcelona (it's like the Spanish Walmart). I bought some dim sum for lunch from their bakery and some new socks since the two pair I have left are destroyed and super funky. On the walk home I also picked up some chicken legs to add to the lunch. The healthiest way to eat in China is to buy the meat-only options. Everything else is pure carbs.

In the evening I tried to walk over to a little park but got stuck along the side of a huge freeway where there was a bus stop full of people. The park had a huge fence around it and I couldn't find an entrance.


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