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Thursday, Dubrovnik, Croatia to Budva, Montenegro by Bus

Budva, Montenegro
Thursday, November 7, 2019
It rained hard all day yesterday to ruin my one full day in Dubrovnik. I only went out once to buy a bus ticket to Budva, Montenegro and buy some food. I got soaked just doing that. I really need to add rain pants to my pack list.

As I walked to the bus station to leave this morning, it was not raining and a little sunny. The bus to Budva left at 11:00 and arrived at 2:00 pm.

The border crossing to Montenegro was easy even through the made us get off of the bus and go to the immigration window. There were only seven of us on a big bus.

In Budva the Hostel Montevizyon was only about five blocks from the bus station. My room had a private bathroom for a change.

After checking in, I walked to the Old Town and had pizza for lunch.

After dark, I went to the beach to take some night photos of the Old Town.


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