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Thursday, Bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park

Sauraha / Chitwan, Nepal
Thursday, October 25, 2018
Got up before 06:00 to pack up and have breakfast before the bus ride to Chitwan National Park.  The tour guy came to get me before breakfast was ready so I had to leave. 

We walked over to the tourist bus area (Map Location: 27.718588, 85.307831 ) which was just a bunch of buses lined up for blocks down the street.  We found my bus and then it finally left almost empty.  We picked up people all along the way in Kathmandu and it took forever to get out of the city.  Once out of the city it took a long route that hugged the edge of the mountain all the way down and then followed the Trisuli River most of the way.  The final stop was Sauraha, the gateway to Chitwan National Park.

In Sauraha, the guides were picking up tourists at the bus station.  One had a sign with my last name but it was for someone else.  My guide finally showed up and we waited for one more person then went to the hotel, Safari Club.

In the evening the guide took us to see the sunset over the river on the edge of town.  The view was very nice and there were some crocodiles on the river bank.  We walked along the river to an elephant rescue place where there was also a young, rescued rhino running around.  They said he was a baby but he was huge. 

I thought he was inside the fence but he came charging out and the guide told us to run.  Everybody scattered and I ducked into the closest bushes and avoided him.   The Danish girl who was with us ran into a fleeing Napalese lady and both of them fell down and the rhino ran right past them, about a foot away.  All I saw was a bunch of papers go up in the air from the Nepalese lady's purse.

I tried to video it all but as soon as I turned on the video I had to run.  I was able get a little video of the rhino half-heartedly chasing a guy.


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