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Thursday, Brighton to Dover by Bus

Brighton, United Kingdom
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Dover is my last stop in England before taking the ferry to mainland Europe via Calais, France. Brighton and Dover aren't very far apart but there is no direct public transportation between the two. The only reasonable option is to go from Brighton to London and then London to Dover.

I booked the bus trip online using the National Express web site which barely works. The short trip takes six hours when the one hour stopover in London at Victoria Bus Station is included. Luckily there are abundant food and coffee options in and around the bus station.

I got to Dover at about 18:30 and the room I had rented was only about two blocks from the bus stop. It wasn't a hotel but a place that has long and short term room rentals. The landlords don't live there so they made arrangements to meet me. The guy had the front door open and was waiting for me when I walked up.

The room includes access to the shared kitchen and a washing machine which will be nice since I haven't fully washed my clothes for 40 days.

After checking in, I went out for dinner then walked down to the oceanfront next to the ferry docks. There were some huge ferries coming and going as the full moon was coming up.


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