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Thursday, All Day in Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya
Thursday, September 12, 2019
After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, I contacted an agency to try to book a one-day tour to Lake Nakuru. The price was too high and didn't include the park entry fee so I didn't reserve it.

I walked over to Central Market and looked at souvenirs. I was the only one there so everyone was trying to get me to come in to their stalls. I didn't buy anything but I checked some prices for later.

Next I went to the Embassy Hotel to look at a room to make sure it was okay for my next stay in Nairobi. It was okay but they had totally gutted the restaurant and were remodeling it. The receptionist said that it would take a week to finish it but I estimated that it would be at least a month.

After I left the Embassy Hotel, a tour agent approached me so I asked him about trips to Lake Nakuru. We quickly worked out a plan where I would join a tour the next day and then they would drop me off at Lake Naivasha where I wanted to spend a few days by the lake. We went to the tour office and worked out the final details and I left a 20 USD deposit.

I had lunch at KFC which was packed as usual and then went back to the hotel to do more trip planning.


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