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Things to do in Kashgar

Kashgar, China
Saturday, August 4, 2018
Kashgar Old Town

Id Kah Mosque - North Jiefang Road across from the food street.

Grand Bazaar - It's open everyday but the big day is Sunday. The Bazaar is right across the river from the Old Town. Also, it's not a bad walk from Id Kah and the food street. It's on Aizirete Lu 艾孜热特路. Bus 7 goes to the market. A taxi is about ¥5 to ¥10. Map Location: 39.475608, 76.010665 .

Sunday Livestock Market - Taxi 25 - 30 CNY each way. Things really get going at around noon. The location on Google Maps and is wrong. This is the correct Map Location: 39.52501, 75.933663 . The name in Chinese is: 星期日动物市场

Giant Mao Zedong Statue - The huge statue of the Great Helmsman, Mao Zedong, is located across the street from the north side of People's Park (Renmib Park). Finished in 1969, the statue is 24 meters tall.


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