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Things to do in Bishkek

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Saturday, August 25, 2018
The Osh Bazaar - A huge market complex with a confusing maze of different buildings and aisles selling everything imaginable. More information about the Osh Bazaar

The new Central Mosque - The new mosque is a massive structure with extraordinary minarets and is very photogenic and well worth a visit. It is located about 10 blocks north-east of the center at Map Location: 42.882983, 74.620433 .

Holy Resurrection Cathedral - For church enthusiasts this Russian orthodox cathedral will be interesting. It is the only Catholic cathedral in Kyrgyzstan. It was totally renovated in 2015 and looks brand new. It is located at Vasiljeva 197, Map Location: 42.884165, 74.597468 .

Parks and Monuments - There are many squares, monuments, parks, and sculptures around Bishkek. The main ones are Ala Too square (Map Location: 42.8757167, 74.6014809 ), Panfilov Park (Map Location: 42.8796953, 74.5979587 ), Manas Statue next to the huge flag (Map Location: 42.876697, 74.603721 ), and many more.


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