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Sunday, Went to the Hisor Fortress

Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Sunday, September 16, 2018
Took a day trip to the village of Hisor outside of Dushanbe and then went from there to the historic Hisor Fortress. Getting there was a challenge since there was major road construction between the center of the Big Dush and the area where the Hisor minibuses departed. An old man and his teenage grandson (probably) latched onto me because they were also going to Hisor.

Instead of walking around the construction site we crawled through a hole in the fence and went right through the middle of it. We finally got to the other side and caught a couple of marshrutkas to get to the bus terminal. I just followed my new friends. The old man paid a few of my fares which is always awkward. We took a shared taxi to Hisor and I parted ways with my new friends and took another taxi from Hisor to the fortress which was about 7 km outside of the village.

The fortress was pretty simple and there wasn't much to see besides the big gate and the sun was blazing hot. The fun part of being there was seeing the wedding parties that come to celebrate and take photos. There was a constant stream wedding parades with bands and guys with long horns playing while the people dance frantically (mostly guys dancing with guys). As soon as one moved along, another one would come along. The whole scene was very fun to watch and take video of. The wedding parties seemed to be having a great time but most of the brides looked pretty sour.


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