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Sunday, Went to the Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove

Jurassic Coast, United Kingdom
Sunday, April 14, 2019
Once again I caught the bus from the terminal area right in front of the hotel and went to the famous Durdle Door natural linestone sea arch. "Durdle" mean drill in Old English. It is an amazing natural formation along with the white limestone cliffs farther down the beach. It's a huge tourist attraction and there were many people there on this windy and cold Sunday morning. The sun did make brief appearances to light up the area.

After hiking down to the beach and walking to the end of the linestone cliffs, I went over the hill to the closest village, West Lulworth, to see the Lulworth Bay. The bay is a perfect oval shape and is probably very attractive during the summer. Today it was gray and windy.

I caught the bus back to Weymouth in Lulworth so I didn't have to walk anymore. Once I got back to Weymouth I hopped on a bus to the Isle of Portland to see Pilgrim's Rock and the Lighthouse at the very end of the island.

From the last bus stop in Southwell it was about a 30 minute walk along the cliffs to the end. The rock formation wasn't very big but it was interesting. The huge rock plates are slowly breaking up and falling into the ocean.


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